Stephen McCarthy's 2006 jazz album, CALL ME IRRESPONSIBLE, has been re-released and now includes two tracks that were cut from the original version. Recorded at NuCool Studios in London, the extended album is available to download and stream on iTunes and Spotify.

The band features Steve Hill on Piano, Frazer Snell on Bass, the late Chris Dagley on Drums, Adrian Revell on Sax, and a guest appearance by Richard Niles on Guitar. It also includes two bonus tracks that didn’t appear on the album but were recorded during those original sessions back in January 2006.

"Back in 2006 I released a jazz album called Call Me Irresponsible. It was only available as a CD (remember those?) and went out of print in 2010. I changed career and went back to my real name, swapping the acting business for the perfume industry, and the recording was archived.

Spending so much time at home recently gave me the chance to finally go through the last few boxes that were never opened when I moved and, in one of them, I found all of the original paperwork and masters. So, after fourteen years and with the help of my original producer Richard Niles, Call Me Irresponsible is finally available to download and stream. It’s been great fun to revisit these recordings, and I can’t believe it was fourteen years ago!"

"Awesome Singing" - Simon Price [Metro London]

"McCarthy grooves, swings, swoops, caresses and attacks each song with a profligate use of talents other singers simply can't approach" - Richard Niles [BBC]

You can buy or download the album by clicking on any of the links below.